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Elementary School (K-5)

   In addition to the use of faith based Abeka Book and Purposeful Design texts for reading, English, math, history, penmanship, and science, our curriculum includes Bible, foreign languages, art, music, physical education, and technology. Our small class sizes and supportive faculty make for an ideal learning environment in which students are encouraged in healthy competition and school spirit. Hands on activities, chapel, recess, community service, and field trips contribute to developing well-rounded students.

    Chapel Field is a Christian school committed to helping our students establish the necessary foundation for a lifetime of learning. With the use of time-tested techniques, a rich and demanding schedule, and a committed faculty, our students incrementally master the building blocks of a more classical and hands on education.  As a Christian school, we encourage our students to view every aspect of their education and lives as a means to glorify God.

An Overview of Our Curriculum

-English: We place a strong emphasis on helping our students grasp the proper use of the English language. Specific time is dedicated to the daily study of:

  • Reading: using the phonics method of teaching.

  • Grammar: learning the rules of our language.

  • Penmanship: stressing neatness and the mechanics of writing.

  • Spelling: developing the skill of spelling through repetition and dictation.

-Math: Our program is built around the Purposeful Design curriculum. Students will repeat previously learned math skills daily while being challenged with more advanced methods.

-History: We prioritize the story of God’s providence in our teaching of history. The story of our nation is taught thoroughly along with geography and culture.

-Science: Our goal is to cultivate an appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of God within His creation through exposure to the basics of biology, earth science, and physics. 

-Bible: The focus of our Bible program is the story of God’s work of redemption, centered in Christ, as is revealed in the Scriptures. Children will emerge with a foundation in the Gospel through Scripture reading and memorization.

-Foreign Language: Every student will be introduced to Latin and advanced students will begin to learn Spanish.

-Special Courses: Art, Music, Physical Education, and beginning Technology, each taught by our experienced and innovative teachers, are included in our students’ weekly schedules.

Elementary students are within walking distance to our South Campus, so that the entire student body can join together for special occasions.  This also allows high school students to become helpers within Elementary classrooms.